Copy and paste all sentences I want in a web article at once on Obsidian

I’ve been using Obsidian for a while to organize what I’ve learned from Kindle and web articles. For Kindle highlights, I use @hadynz’s “[Kindle Highlights ]” and for web articles, I used to use Roam-Highlighter. But recently, I switched to using another highlighter called Glasp.

I found it on the thread by @jimmeredith. Thank you for sharing!

So far, what I found is that it’s a web highlighter. I can highlight and collect sentences from web articles. So, when I read an article I want to refer to later, then I highlight sentences in the same way as Kindle Highlighter.

Then, I click an icon at the top right to go to the Home page (For me, it’s better to take me to my profile page directly).

Next, I go to my profile page where all of my highlighted articles are collected. Then, I click Copy Content. It copies my highlighted sentences and notes as well as the metadata such as title, URL, and thumbnail.

After that, I open a new note on Obsidian. Then, I paste what I copied on Glasp. It is in markdown style, so it’s easy for me to edit and organize my learnings.

Hope this helps you increase your productivity in terms of importing web article’s sentences and writing down what you’ve learned.

P.S. It has a social aspect that you share what you’re reading on community and you can learn from other people there. So, if you don’t like it, I don’t recommend it. I like learning from people who have the same interest as me, though.


Thanks for sharing this! I tried to access their website, but it was blank for me.

Is it possible to create private highlights and notes, or everything needs to be public?


Hi Wen,
thank you for adding the link. I clicked their website, it works for me.

I think everything is public right now. It’d be nice if it has private feature thought.