Yet another Markdown Clipper (Firefox possibly Chrome)

I usually archive all the articles I read with Wallabag.
However since I’ve discovered Obsidian I felt that it might be better to save the articles as Markdown files and add them to an Obsidian vault in order to see possible connections.
I haven’t found a clipper yet which solves the following use case which is why I’ve decided to hack together my own version.

Use Case:

  • Save only the content of an article to a Markdown file.
  • Add the URL and the current date to the article.
  • Possibly add the author of the article.
  • Let add links to the article right when he saves the article.

The extension I’ve created so far is based on the following Firefox extension:

The reason why I’ve chosen this extension is because it is already halfway there.
Because it lets you download a Markdown file with only the content of article.
It uses the Firefox Readability JavaScript library to achieve this.
Another extension I’m using as inspiration is the Wallabager extension because it does the tagging quite well:

If someone is interested to try a very basic first version you can find it here:

However please be aware that I’ve never created a browser extension before.
Currently it only downloads the article and adds my usual header to the beginning of the file.
The next step will be to add a pop-up where the user can directly enter the links he wants to add to the header. When this is done I plan to publish it officially.
Something for the future might be to make the header customizable.

Thanks for the input, totally forgot about that one.
I’ll have a look at it, might even allow for an all in one extension :slight_smile:

Copy as Markdwon

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I just gave Markdownload another try and found out that it already solves all the problems I’m trying to solve.
Therefore I’m not going to continue developing this plugin :slight_smile:
Thanks to you saved me a lot of work :smiley:

I read the first post, and this is exactly how I got started with MarkDownload :laughing: I even forked it off the same repo you did, for the same reasons.

If you have any suggestions, or things you want to work differently, hit me up and I’ll see how I can incorporate it. Or you could submit your own PRs :wink:



I really enjoy MarkDownload! Maybe it can be tweaked a little bit for quick capture and organization?
anis.craheix created a wonderful webclipper for Notion. → enables to quicky add tags and selfmade categories.

Here is the link to her SaveToNotion Tutorial:

what do you think ? here the popup of the extension:

How about using Glasp?

It allows you to highlight web articles and copy and paste highlights & notes on Obsidian in markdown at one click.

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