Obsidian Highlighter extension like Daniel Wirtz's chrome extension

Dan Wirtz wrote a great extension for Roam Research. Is there such a tool for Obsidian?

When reading, the Wirtz Highlighter captures link, title, author, highlights made while reading and formats it all in an automatically generated note in Roam. I love it and use it extensively. (https://roam-highlighter.danielwirtz.com)

It is so efficient and does not require any copying and pasting, working right from the web page I am on at the time.

Has such a tool been created for Obsidian users?


It works the same way. Paste highlights into Obsidian notes. The {author} and {date of article} placeholders don’t work anymore, at least not for me. Wirtz is no longer working/developing it; has stated he is developing the extension as Markway, but that was in July. I’ve not seen any updates since then. Anyway, you can use the existing extension, as noted.

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I use Glasp.co, I can tag, and later extract all my highlights for a particular tag along with metadata.

Helps when I jump from page to page and follow threads.


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Thank you!

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Glasp looks great but the only downside I can see is that, as a social platform, it shares what you highlight. Has anyone tried other tools / methods to pull in highlights and notes from web / twitter / etc… into Obsidian?

This is an ongoing battle for me. I keep using and evaluating three (3): Roam Highlighter, even though it is no longer being developed by Wirtz; and another similarly named Roam-highlighter; and Memex.

The latter two allow you to add your own notes to the highlights you make, and paste the highlights and notes into an Obsidian note in markdown format.

There are others, but, for me, the three above are better…just wish I could settle on one!

It looks like Matter has developed a nice solution for this purpose. (Sadly it’s so far only available for iOS users, so I am continuing to await an Android version in order to try.)

Details on Matter-Obsidian integration: Sending Highlights & Notes from Matter to Obsidian (VIDEO) – The Sweet Setup

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