Obsidian Highlighter extension like Daniel Wirtz's chrome extension

Dan Wirtz wrote a great extension for Roam Research. Is there such a tool for Obsidian?

When reading, the Wirtz Highlighter captures link, title, author, highlights made while reading and formats it all in an automatically generated note in Roam. I love it and use it extensively. (https://roam-highlighter.danielwirtz.com)

It is so efficient and does not require any copying and pasting, working right from the web page I am on at the time.

Has such a tool been created for Obsidian users?

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It works the same way. Paste highlights into Obsidian notes. The {author} and {date of article} placeholders don’t work anymore, at least not for me. Wirtz is no longer working/developing it; has stated he is developing the extension as Markway, but that was in July. I’ve not seen any updates since then. Anyway, you can use the existing extension, as noted.

I use Glasp.co, I can tag, and later extract all my highlights for a particular tag along with metadata.

Helps when I jump from page to page and follow threads.