Webclip Workflow

Better way to clip entire articles.

I’m trying to see if this software can work for my purposes. I read a lot of articles and want to be able to cross reference various topics in them. What’s the best workflow for importing articles and marking them up?

I found various browser web clippers which requires that you highlight a portion of the text and then go through a couple steps more. Or if I manually try to copy paste the whole article I often have to reformat the whole thing which is too time consuming. Is there a proper web clipper or other method that can bring in the whole article neatly so that I can then mark it up? Something like in Notion or Evernote?

There are many options for that, this one is my favorite for example:

Thanks, I did see that already, but was looking for something more clean and simple like clipping directly to Notion or Evernote… If nothing, I might use the one you mentioned.

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Honestly I think for that kind of web-clipping markdown is not the best option, the kind of markdown clippers like Markdownload are good for using in notes but I think a sort of html web-clipper just for saving and highlighting is not better for this purpose. I looked a round a bit and couldn’t find anything good that being local first like Obsidian. Zotero is nice but it can’t highlight html files. I hope they would add such a feature to alpha versions soon

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How about using this?

It’s not importing the whole article, but it imports and formats in markdown automatically. Hope it helps.