How to import YouTube video's transcripts (No need to write down while watching!)

I posted how to export highlighted sentences on web articles into Obsidian with Glasp before and How to import Kindle Notes & Highlights as MD file yesterday.

Today, I’ll show my workflow for extracting YouTube video transcripts with Glasp! It helps me cut down the time to writing down what people speak in the YouTube video. It’s a big saving of time.

Once you install the Chrome extension, it fetches the transcript from the YouTube video, so you can just copy it. Then, I can paste it on Obsidian. If I want, I can see transcripts in other languages.

(Image from their Twitter)

To show and copy the transcript, you don’t need to create an account with Glasp. Just a Chrome extension.

But with the Glasp account, I can highlight the Youtube transcripts. Then, I can only export the highlighted transcripts.

(Image from their Twitter)

And if I copy-n-paste only the highlighted transcript on Obsidian, it’s shown like below.

It’s markdown style by default. So, it’s useful and saves my time a lot! Hope it helps you as well :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing !!

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You cannot use Glasp using only the Chrome extension. Furthermore, you need to log in with your Google account.

So, no Google account, no Glasp account, if I am not mistaken.

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Another way, with no accounts or extensions needed:

  1. select ‘show transcripts’
  2. toggle ‘timestamps’ as needed
  3. copy and paste the transcript as needed


Hi Klaas, thanks for the comment and sorry for the confusion.
What I meant was to copy-n-paste transcript, you don’t need to sign up. But if you want to highlight, you need to sign up because they create a profile page where all of your highlights are accumulated.

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Thank you, eightning!
Yeah, I know this way, too! But with that way, the sentences are cut in short and I need to edit them which is cumbersome for me.