A hotkey for file explorer

In 0.7.1, users by mouse need two clicks to open file explorer/search/star (1st click to open side pane, 2nd to select the icon). Search and star can be accessed by hotkey settings.

I believe a hotkey for file explorer will also be convenient.


I second this! Would make the note-taking flow much more intuitive.
I propose to have shortcuts/keybindings for all of the 3 views.
So that you can setup keys something like this:

  • File Explorer = COMMAND + SHIFT + E
  • Search = COMMAND + SHIFT + F
  • Starred = SOMMAND + SHIFT + S

Thirded! Would really help with flow.

Yes … a hotkey for Explorer would be great. I can use (reveal file in Explorer) now but I would like it to set the focus to the explorer windows and that I can use the arrow keys to move the focus from file to file.

Up and Down doing the usual stuff and left and right to move up and down in the hierarchy of the notes and folders.

I definitely agree. Also, fold and unfold the specific hierarchy branch of the file you have selected in one swoop would be nice. This would be especially true if there were also a separate hotkey for folding and unfolding all folders.

However, if we had better navigation through hierarchy with arrows or Pageup/ Pagedown, simply using Enter to expand and contract would probably be good enough, but not great. Thanks.

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Yep, it’s helpful for people who likes to do anything by hotkeys. And right now, I could only use the Quit Switcher to be the substitution.

I’m throwing my hat in here for this feature. I’d love to be able to use one hotkey to toggle between the sidebar tabs: File Explorer / Search / Starred. Maybe the same for the right sidebar.

Related https://forum.obsidian.md/t/file-explorer-expanded-functionality/125/4

We don’t seem to have one. I’d like to use something like SHIFT + Arrow Key to change files in the Explorer.

Is there any update on this? Is this feature request on the radar? Would very much appreciate the possibility to configure shortcut keys for accessing File Explorer and Starred items as most of the time the side pane is maintained collapsed.

Related feature requests:

Bump! This feature would be really helpful. High ROI given all the other related hotkeys.

This is my biggest feature request. I find the manual clicking of the folder icon a real bore. Please, please can you add these options in for hotkey setup?

  • Folders
  • Starred
  • Search

Amazing app… thanks

+1 for a keyboard shortcut to return to the file explorer view of the sidebar

Very interested in this too? Any sense of whether this is on the radar?

It is implemented since version 0.12.0


ALT+CTRL+F for FileExplorer is super.

A vote for a hotkey folding and unfolding all folders.

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Probably a dumb question, but is there a keyboard command for simply navigating up/down to the previous/next file in the explorer?

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Not yet - but there are at least two feature requests for this:



+1 for this feature. I make lots of small notes Zettelkasten style and It would help me greatly to be able to browse my vault within Obsidian with keyboard and arrow keys instead of having to select each file with a mouse.