File Explorer: Navigation Hotkeys

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to browse my vault according to the current file explorer sort/search with the keyboard instead of manually selecting the next file with the mouse. This would speed up the task of finding a particular note when I have only a vague idea of where it is or what it contains.

Proposed solution

Add programmable hotkeys for navigating up and down the current file explorer list inside the active pane.


The Quick switcher hotkey serves a similar purpose, but it shows all notes in alphabetical order without regard to their containing folder or the current file explorer search. An alternative solution would be to add configuration options to the quick switcher plugin which control how it presents its list of notes.

Related feature requests (optional)

This was previously requested in Navigate File Explorer via Hotkey but was erroneously merged into A hotkey for file explorer, which requested a hotkey to open the file explorer.


This request is one possible solution of more general Related feature request:

Details about opening the focused file in active pane are also mentioned in subsequent comments there.
Do you want to keep this as separate request? I would probably prefer to merge it into that one with support of over 58 votes/likes and discuss specific implementation details there.

I think that list of files (or search results) would benefit from having some “focus pointer/cursor” like the “caret” in text editor.
As mentioned deep in the other thread:

Similar would be useful for keyboard navigation in Search results requested e.g. in:


VIM Style Explorer navigation would be wonderful. Maybe something like this:

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