From Search Bar, arrow down through results

Overall increase full keyboard navigation. This in particular:

After typing in a search team, allow up and down arrows to move through search results, and ENTER to select one to open.


Seconding this! It would make my workflow so much more efficient! Plus maybe an option to have a little pop-out preview of each one and then actually open it and put the cursor at the bottom of that note when enter is pressed. That way people wouldn’t accidentally switch to the wrong note.


+1 It would make my workflow so much more efficient too.


+1 :+1:

Because I access my notes in another apps primarily through searching, I got used to navigating my search results by arrow keys and Enter so much, that searching in an app, which does not support it feels SOO WEIRD :upside_down_face:.

This should be merged with equivalent request: Support for using up and down keys to navigate search results

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@moderators Great list of duplicate feature requests — should all be merged to the master thread: