Customizable keyboard shortcuts to toggle active visibility for 'File Explorer', 'Search', 'Tags', 'Starred'

I could blatantly be missing something obvious here, and someone will probably clarify that by posting this but I thought it would a real dandy to have keyboard shortcuts to toggle the active visibility for the following panes:

  • File Explorer
  • Search
  • Tags
  • Backlinks
  • Starred

While it is certainly easy enough easy enough to pop your side menus with a keyboard shortcut and that is definitely the method I use; but for example I have Search and File Explorer nested next to each other on a sidebar and if I trigger search it will become active over the file explorer. Having a keyboard shortcut to make other panes visible without touching the mouse would be ideal.


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Fully keyboard navigation, I second this! I miss this often.

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This request has been (mostly) implemented in Obsidian Release v0.12.0

There are now hotkeys to show the panes for file explorer, backlinks, outline, starred, and tag pane.

These hotkeys can be set according to documentation: Setting hotkeys

In Obsidian → Settings → Hotkeys they are named as following:

  • Search: Search in all files
  • File explorer: Show file explorer
  • Backlinks: Show backlinks pane
  • Starred: Show starred pane
  • Outline: Show outline pane
  • Outgoing Links: Show outgoing links pane

I do not use tags and I could not find associated command to show tags pane. Could someone confirm this is still missing or can this request be archived?

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Tag Pane: Show Tag Pane

would love being able to toggle visibility for the File pane

You can now they added this a while back!

@clydebaron2000 Read my post above ↑ from September 7 and look for
File explorer: Show file explorer.
Is that what you are looking for?