Toggle Open Backlinks

Now that we have the excellent “Open backlinks for a specific file pane” it would be useful if this could toggle on an off. Especially with the hotkey.


For “on” there’s already a command in command palette for it. But I agree it would be nice to have a toggle!

I recommend letting users click on Open Backlinks in the status bar to toggle the backlinks panel open/closed.

I’d love to be able to Toggle open Backlinks when the status bar is not visible.

Would also love to be able to Toggle open Backlinks using only the keyboard.

I like a clean, distraction-free workspace when I’m writing so I prefer to have no status bars visible. [^1] So I keep the “Number of backlinks” status bar hidden by default. It seems to me right now that I’m unable to view backlinks in the right sidebar unless I have that status bar displayed on the bottom. But please let me know if I’m mistaken.

Therefore I’d really like to have an option for quickly viewing the backlinks without having to display the Backlinks status bar, or without having to click on anything.

[^1]: Honestly, even the collapsed sliver of left and right sidebars are a little too distracting for me – would ideally like to have them completely invisible, maybe they just slide out when you move your cursor over to the side (like in Notion).

Update with partial workaround: I turned on the Backlinks plugin and used custom CSS to set .status-bar to display: none. Then my usual right sidebar hotkey works as a toggle for me.

I also wrote custom css to hide the left and right sidebars when collapsed, so it becomes my own little “Focus Mode” within Obsidian :blush:

There is now hotkey as described in Customizable keyboard shortcuts to toggle active visibility for 'File Explorer', 'Search', 'Tags', 'Starred' - #4 by malecjan
While active~focused, the pane can be closed again e.g. by Ctrl+W
Can this request be archived or is there still missing something?

Hiding minimized sidebars mentioned by @sirentian in the post above is also discussed in dedicated request: Utilize wasted screen space along right edge