16 Obsidian Templates For Zettelkasten To Start With

More than 9 months of personal learning about how to use Obsidian with Zettelkasten.

Here is my repository containing templates and scripts for Obsidian to support the Zettelkasten method for note-taking.

If you are not using Zettelkasten you may also benefit from:

Great add-ons for Zettelkasten:

What are your experiences from using templates?


Edmund, thank you for your posts on Zettlekasten. You’ve really simplified the concept for me. Could you please describe what a sketchnote is?

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I’ll answer with a quote from my Zettelkasten:

Sketchnotes are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-lettering, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines.

  • Mike Rohde
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Mike Rohde is an experience and interface designer who has created usable and compelling applications for mobile, web, and dedicated devices.

Rohde turned to experience design after 10 years as a successful print graphic designer where he first developed his sketchnote approach and technique.

@Edmund thank you for sharing!
Can you upload on github showcase-example vault, with your workflow for zettelkasten? I think that is very helpful for me and other obsidian users.


Please!!! , I kind lost with the tags, aliases and comments inside the templates

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… lost with the tags, aliases and comments inside the templates

Sorry for that. I 'll put these hints in a separate description to clean up the YAML. Hopefully I have a solution for the next update.

Using the tags is not trivial. But you’ll need a consistent concept to organize your notes in the long run. More about: How to use Tags

Yes, may be I expected your question. So I had provided both:

My workflow is already available here in the forum: How to use Zettelkasten in Obsidian


Thank you Sensei @Edmund!
I check it today!

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@Edmund I have several question about your vault and methods.
Can I asking you in this topic? At the moment I readed your book, and reading external sources with your book.

Ask any question you would like to get answered. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your note templates.

Your Daily template on github is only a single bullet (beyond the YAML).
Something missing?

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For me it‘s the best solution. I use the daily notes to be shown automatically within the weekly note.

I see. So you are transcluding your Daily’s into a Weekly.

I’ve been thinking about doing that, but I have structure in my Daily that I’m not ready to let go (eg, link to same day last year; files modified today; and a this-day-in-history type note that has notable things that happened today in prior years from my prior notes (birthdays, etc).

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And my daily notes typically consist of about 2-5 items only.