Simple spaced repetition plugin

I want to review certain notes in spaced intervals to make sure I learn what is on them. I use Anki and don’t want to replicate in Obsidian, but a very simple mechanism would solve the 80% spaced repetition case:

  • Add a marker that a note should be spaced, such as _s
  • Add a meta date for next review (or even within the note with review:200525
  • Give a simple remembered? yes/no button
  • if yes: increase review date by fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5…)
  • if no: go back to first number of fibonacci sequence

I posted a simple workaround to do spaced repetition with markdown files on Mac OS X until an Obsidian plugin can tackle this:

If you have a text expander I have another solution. You can quickly set up some snippets to include the date in a format that matches your daily/journal/diary. You can then quickly enter these snippets into the notes you want to revise. You can then open your journal page for the day and in the backlinks pane you should see a list of notes that need reviewing. Here are some sample snippets that will achieve this in Alfred:

First Review: [[{date +1d: yyyy-MM-dd}]]{cursor}
Second Review: [[{date +3d: yyyy-MM-dd}]]{cursor}


I eagerly await this feature!!

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If you had a “key” that you used for the question and answer (or any other fields you wanted) in the file, you could use a python script to search all files for those “keys” using a regular expression then compile a list into a set of flashcards. You could have it also dump a set number of them into a new markdown file(s) with due-dates on them.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could take a CSS element that you generally don’t use (such as heading #6) and use if for the answer portion. Then you could style it to have a background color and font color that were the same (like many forums do with spoilers) that you would have to highlight with your mouse to see thus forcing active recall.

If it were me, I would recommend having a script that looks through all your files for any Q&A pairs and export them into a master csv file. Then you could run it repeatedly and it would compare the list to the master csv file and generate a second file called “newentries-yyyymmdd”. The first time you ran it, both files would match, but after than the second would only contain new entries. Then you could import the csv into a program like ANKI for spaced repetition.


Highly interested in a space repetition mechanism so I can migrate from RemNote.


I’m also very interested and, as Anki user, I hope there will be an Anki plugin for full integration.


I can’t wait for this to come on Obsidian as well! In the meantime, this markdown editor has easy flashcard creation and a basic, customizable SRS algorithm: Hope this feature comes out soon!


I hope this feature gets developed. Integration of ANKI with OBSIDIAN gives the best of the two worlds.
Literally they each excel at their own thing and while Remnote can do both, it is not the greatest in either. Having a program that helps you recall some of the knowledge sounds amazing

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The developer of Neuracache (mobile flashcards/ SRS app) has added markdown support specifically so that Obsidian users can develop an SRS system. He posted in the forum recently: (🎥 video) Obsidian Flashcards and Spaced Repetition

I’m testing it now and it’s been excellent so far. It’s allowing me to pretty much automate my flow. I really liked the idea of Mochi but 1) I’d rather use Obsidian for everything, and 2) it was a little more manual than I liked.


At the moment, it looks like markdown support is limited to iOS. I’m on Android and not seeing that option appear.

Oh weird - my phone is iOS, but I’m also able to install it in on my Android tablet. @IdeaRoots would love your input, I think you’re currently working on an Android app

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Just found their post in the r/NeuraCache subreddit, from two days ago:

Hey, expect this in ~2 weeks :+1:.


yup, can confirm, expect this in ~2 weeks



I am trying to integrate Obsidan and Anki. And I also think if Obsidan can create a Anki-Plugin would be great.

My workflow is

  1. Take notes based on Zettelkastan method, forexample, a note “ ”;
  2. Copy the notes to Typora and output these notes in html format , forexample a note “Mynotes.html” ;
  3. Open these notes with html format in Chrome browser ;
  4. Press ‘F12’ , and copy all the html codes;
  5. Paste the html codes in step 4 to the Anki. Please note that you should paste html codes to the html enviroment of Anki.
  6. Enjoy Anki

Why I need the notes with html format?

Because my notes have many equations written in Mathjax and Latex, when I transfom my markdown notes to html notes and then copy the html codes to Anki, I can have an Anki note with same style in the markdown editor of Obsian

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Android 2.2 is out, here is a walkthrough


@zhixiangcai You may be interested in a script I made that adds notes from Obsidian to Anki. It supports mathjax (and has many other features you may be interested in)!

Forum link


@zhixiangcai: I can confirm that @Pseudonium’s script works well. And he is very patient and helpful if you run into an issue.

Full disclosure: I have no relation with @Pseudonium whatsoever, I just enjoy the script and how he helped me set it up.

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There is also this one:


I really like Obsidian but one thing that draws me towards Remnote and distinguishes it, is its spaced repetition feature. Could that be implemented in Obsidian?