(🎥 video) Obsidian Flashcards and Spaced Repetition

Hey :wave:
I’ve added MarkDown Support to NeuraCache.
Here is a demo showing Obsidian + NeuraCache
Feedback appreciated.


Extremely excited for this - I was looking for a flashcard/ SRS system that would allow me to work within Obsidian. I’ve been seen how big your app has been for the Roam community, so happy you added markdown support so that Obsidian users can take advantage as well. So so so excited to integrate this into my workflow. Keep up the great work!


This is nice!!


Is this available for Android? I’ve downloaded the app and have optiosn for importing from Twitter, Evernote, Roam Research, Kindle, OneNote, but not Markdown. :frowning:

This is exactly what I was looking for. Very looking forward to trying it out. Nice work @IdeaRoots!


Android version in ~2 weeks


Android 2.2 is out, here is a walkthrough

So, how about a Obsidian desktop version?


Super excited to see Markdown support on Android land in NeuraCache! Thank you so much for working on this.

In trying it out, I’ve discovered this doesn’t currently seem to be working with local files, unfortunately (I sync my Obsidian folder to my phone’s local storage using syncthing).

Selecting Import Markdown Folder (or file) and selecting the obsidian folder root throws a Could not find #flashcard or #spaced blocks error.

It took me quite a while to figure out this wasn’t due to invalid content in the Markdown files, but rather a problem with local storage specifically. Putting the same files on Google drive storage and selecting it from there using Import Markdown Folder works flawlessly.

(Might this be as easy as making the app request permissions to access storage? I notice it didn’t, but my understanding of Android permissions is that it will need to request this permission to access files there)

If you manage to resolve this issue so that I can use NeuraCache with the content in local storage, you’ll definitely have another Premium subscriber though.

(Also happy to help test/debug further if you need more info)


Hey @zoni
Thanks for your feedback and encouragement!
Another user reported the very same thing. As far as I tested, this should be working outside Google Drive as well. I’m taking a few days off now but will be back next week fixing this. Would you be so kind as to send me an email for better communication?

Definitely. I wasn’t sure which medium you’d prefer for a report like this. I’ll shoot you an email now, but enjoy your rest first! :slight_smile:

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Hello. Thank you so much for your work. How can I transfer this program from one device to another without losing progress? And is there a web or desktop version planned? Once again, thank you so much!

At the moment there is no way of syncing your progress data. I am working on a backup/export/import feature via Google Drive / iCloud that will make this possible :+1:


Hello. Great app in conjunction with obsidian. It lacks the ability to write formulas for a full transition. Do you plan to add this feature?

yes :+1:

I just saw this video, then was coming here to share this, and found this thread from awhile back. This tool looks very cool!


I just saw the same thing - super cool - thanks for doing this!

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also need ipad os !!!!thanks

@IdeaRoots I was playing around with this today, and I have a little bit of feedback about the formatting. The three dashes --- are used in markdown to indicate headings. I’ve tried to add a new line between my question and the three dashes, but then the question is not recognized.

Images with spaces in the file name are also not recognized unfortunately.

Is Dropbox supported? I’m using Dropbox and 1Writer to sync my notes between Linux and iOS, but couldn’t get NeuraCache to find my notes. As an alternative, I was able to use the share menu from 1Writer to send one note at a time to NeuraCache, but that’s rather slow.

Hey @argentum thanks for your feedback!

Would it be possible for you to send a sample of .md file that shows the issues? (Will be able to debug this much faster)