Show hover preview on backlinks pane

Sometimes I want to open multiple backlinks related to the current note. Right now, clicking on one to even open in a separate window switches my selection to that note, so I lose where I was in the backlink, and keep having to go back and forth as I try to open up like 5 backlinks.

I’d like to be able to open up the backlinks menu, and ctrl-shift-click multiple backlinks and have them open up but to stay focused on the current selected note (or an option to be able to do this)


If you use the keyboard to open the notes you can use CTRL+ALT+Enter. On macOS it’s actually CTRL+OPT+ENTER but they’re going to change it to CMD+OPT+ENTER.

This will open the linked note in a horizontal split.

yup, I use that all the time, really useful!

what I mean, is that I don’t want my focus to switch over to the new opened note. Like in a browser, I can set an option so that when I choose to open a link in a new tab, it opens in the background without my screen switching over to it automatically.

Since backlinks are only visible using the sidebar right now, and it shows the backlinks to the currently selected note, I have to keep switching back to the original note I was on if I want to open multiple backlinks related to that note.

I’d like to be able to have the backlinks sidebar stay open on the note I’m looking at, and be able to open multiple backlinks related to the current note and just have those backlink notes open in the background without my screen switching over to it each time. I hope that makes more sense!

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I’d love to have this feature too - did you find any work around?

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unfortunately no, I’ve just been trying to add related links into my notes manually divided by a line or something so I wouldn’t need to refer to the backlinks tab as much; not the optimal method

Tried a variety of searches but haven’t seen this mentioned although I would have thought it would already be requested. Just as the title suggests - when I have the Page Preview plugin turned on (always for me) I would love to have the pop-ups appear when hovering over the backlinks in the panel just as they do for links in the note body.


Good suggestion!

Adding a +1 to this

Maybe “Show hover preview on backlinks pane” could be implemented conveniently together with Hover Preview, for footnotes and with Hover over search results to show the note

Proposed solution

File explorer has a nice Ctrl-mouseover preview feature.

Please add the same preview feature for the backlink pane, the search pane and the star pane.

Current workaround (optional)

Click and back. Click and back.


A hover preview feature is amazing. Is it possible to make it also for backlinks in a backlinks view? Because just the line where the link appeared most of the time provides very little context.


I think this is the feature I was just about to write about. I would like to use hover preview for my backlinks so that I don’t have to go back and forth when I want to know what is in the note.

also, since 10.2 , this would be great so we can hover over our saved searches

Good suggestion.

Another possibility: allow the user to “link” a pane to a note’s backlinks.

Thus, the original note stays open in its pane. Selecting one of its backlinks opens the backlinking note in the (second, linked) pane.

In this way, the linked pane acts as a “dedicated” preview area for the original note’s backlinks.

Suggestion from @Sentiment is related to requested ability to choose prefered pane for opening links: Open all links in a targeted pane
(Maybe only after with click with specific modifier key.)

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This was added in v0.11.0