Hover Preview for footnotes

Hover Preview for pages has been a valuable addition.

Any chance that functionality could extend to include footnotes?


This is something I am looking for as well. I am leaving comments constantly and using footnotes for this task. It would work similarly to comments you leave for yourself in any collaborative writing app (Google Docs, Dropbox Paper) but without messing with .md file itself.


Same request here. Is there any custom css available now?

* Hover preview footnote *
Today, block reference (blockid) is a good candidate to replace footnote, for this purpose. Both share same ^ symbol.

Maybe “hover preview for footnotes” could be implemented conveniently together with Show hover preview on backlinks pane and with Hover over search results to show the note

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The “page preview” core plugin is amazing, but would it be possible to have the mouseover also work for footnotes? This would mimic Wikipedia’s functionality and be really useful for avoiding having to click between portions of a long document to get the information, and make it more likely that the footnote actually gets read.



Agree with this request, for all the reasons laid out above!


Having to click the footnote introduces mental friction that could be avoided with the classic hover preview that is already implemented for wikilinks.

It would be a great improvement for heavy footnoters.


It would be a great addition!


+1 for preview when hovering footnote

+1 for footnote preview on hover!

+1 I would love a hover preview!

+1 for a footnote preview on hover

+1 this is a great idea!

Reminds of a similar CSS proposal to have footnotes displayed as side notes. Another great way to fulfill the same function


This was the first hit when I was searching how to solve this :slight_smile:

+1 for this feature :+1:

looking forward this feature!

+1 to this feature request. It will be great to have a preview of footnote on hover.

Please cool it with further +1s. It’s discouraged in the FAQ, clogs up notifications and the thread in general.


+1 to this feature request.