Hover over search results to show the note

Use case or problem

When I'm searching for key words, I usually don't remember what notes are the ones I am interested in. Therefore, I am forced to open lots of research results, check if they are relevant, and close most of them.

Proposed solution

An amazing solution would be if, for example, by pressing CTRL I could hover over search results and see the entire note (as it happens when we hover over a link in a note).

Use case or problem

I want to quickly preview the contents of a note (stored in some vault folder, found by search, …) without changing the layout of the panels in my workspace

Proposed solution

Extend core Page preview plugin to work in “File Explorer”, “Search” and “Starred” sidebar tabs


+1 i am also looking for this feature


this will be implemented in v0.11

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Is there a way of turning this off? It just gets in the way of the rest of the list of found search items. Or better still is there a way of attaching the function to Ctrl+hover instead?

Try this:

.popover.hover-popover {
    margin: 50px 0 0 100px;

Should solve your problem, I guess…

Nah, that is doing nothing.

It won’t turn it off - but it changes the placement of the popover so that it’s no longer in your way… In my case, at least, this works. If it doesn’t for you, it might collide with a custom theme’s rule?

I’m with @Jeffurry. We really need a way to make this optional. I like having it available, but it I don’t always need it. Either make it active only on keypress, (cmd/ctrl) or provide a keyboard shortcut to toggle it on and off easily.

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Weird… I tried it in a blank test vault - still nothing! I’m tempted to turn off the core ‘Preview’ plugin…its really buggin me that much now. Hey ho!