Hover search results popover only with modifier key / keyboard shortcut

Hover search results popover only with Ctrl / Cmd + hover

Firstly, thank you Obsidian devs for making search results have a hover preview popover in the first place, this is excellent!

Much like the feature requesters in these posts, I am very pleased this exists now:

I would like to ask that the hover preview functions like edit mode rather than preview mode, i.e. only when you additionally press Ctrl / Cmd and hover do you see the note preview popover.

As I understand, it can be dependent on the theme in use whether or not you end up with a more obstructive or less obstructive behavior. Indeed the default / themeless Obsidian will place the popover slightly to the side, as to not obstruct the search results below the one being hovered over.

However, I find myself enamored with a theme that does not move the popover to the side.

That said, I would still prefer to only conjure the popover on demand - the same way I do when viewing a note in preview mode.

Proposed solution

I can imagine two different possibilities:

  • search result hover popovers only appear when Ctrl / Cmd + hover is used
  • a preference is added to Obsidian settings to allow selection of current or proposed behavior (maybe that could entail expanding the current core plugin “Page Preview” into one that has its own set of Plugin Options?)

Current workaround

My understanding is that one can adjust custom themes to behave similarly to standard / themeless Obsidian, but I do not know the specifics of this workaround.

Related feature requests

As per the intro, there are 2 features in the feature archive that also mentioned the idea of having a keyboard-shortcut element.


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