Right click menu option to delete link and file

Use case or problem

When you want it to be easy but not too easy to delete both the link and underlying file…

Proposed solution

Especially, if not only, for embedded Pasted image screenshots, a simple “Delete link and file” command available via right click would be a helpful timesaver. For those weary of this as a risk, maybe it could require manually going into settings to disable a warning dialog as opposed to just a “Do not warn me again” checkbox on the dialog. Maybe even the disabling of the warning in the settings creates another warning that requires another checkbox and a click to commit the changes. That dialog could suggest using the File Recovery plugin and using Obsidian .trash folder for deletes (perhaps with options to enable on the fly). Maybe this is all overkill, but I hate deleting inadvertently and unknowingly just as much as the next person.

Current workaround (optional)

An AHK macro to follow link, delete, navigate back, then select and delete link (often disabling the last part as it is a bit finicky in my macro since it is obviously a little context sensitive and doesn’t work inline). I really feel uncomfortable using the macro for obvious reasons hence the feature request. Thanks so much! So excited for the possibilities of both the future and present state of Obsidian!

Related feature requests (optional)

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Great Idea. Deleting pages and links in general feels like too many steps, at least the way I’m doing it.

I’d love an option to “nuke” a page, removing its links from everywhere.

+1 for this request. I want to be able to delete picture quickly

Yes, please add this!