Self-developed plug-in recommendation: Fast Image Cleaner, this plug-in allows you to quickly delete picture attachment files and reference links in documents

I wrote a plug-in, the open source address is as follows, welcome to give a star :smiley:

  1. Plug-in download link:
    2. Github: GitHub - martinniee/Obsidian-fast-image-cleaner: This plugin allows you to quickly remove image attachment and referenced link from your documents in both LIVE , READ mode by right-click menu
  2. Plug-in introduction:
    1. Delete the picture attachment file and its reference link.
    2. When the same picture is cited for many times (including the two situations given below), a prompt window will pop up, and it will not be deleted directly to avoid the picture being deleted by mistake. The pop-up window contains the document path information of the current document referencing the picture and other documents referencing the picture, with the close button and the remove link button below. Click the remove link button to continue to remove the picture reference link in the current document.
      1. Case 1: The same document is being referenced multiple times.
      2. Case 2: Reference the same picture in multiple documents at the same time.
    3. Support markdown and wiki link style links.
    4. Support internal link types in three different formats (details)
    5. In the shortest possible form
      1. Relative path based on current notes
      2. Absolute path based on warehouse root directory
      3. Supported image types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg, bmp.
    6. Support to set the post-processing mode of image deletion: β‘  Move to the system recycle bin; β‘‘ Move to obsidian trash; β‘’ Permanent deletion
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Thanks for that plugin!

I can’t get it to work because I probably have a conflict with some other plugin.

But I hope some day to be able to figure out how to make it work.