Quick actions in Obsidian from anywhere using Alfred on macOS

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I’ve crafted an Alfred workflow that includes actions to both allow you to open today’s note with obsidian today and to immediately search for a note with obsidian {search query}.

The workflow simply uses Alfred’s ability to simulate keypresses in order to run the hotkeys for Today’s Note and for Quick Search/Open, so if you’ve customized those hotkeys, you’ll need to adjust the workflow accordingly.

Download it here!


Thank you!

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Thank you very much for your workflows.

Is it possible that the default hotkey MAC+T doesn’t work anymore?

Found the Hotkeys, seems todays Note is blank by default.

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Good tip! Indeed, you’ve gotta make sure the hotkey for Today’s Note and the hotkey used in the macro are the same.

Obsidian 0.8.15 introduced URL scheme (“obsidian://” and “obsidian:///”) and it makes building Alfred workflows so much easier! I’ve created a really simple workflow that uses URL schemes to open vaults, open daily note, and search for notes (all notes, recent notes, or today’s notes).

Download it here and check out my Github repo for some instructions on how to set it up on your own computer.

Edit: The workflow has been updated to work with Obsidian 0.9.0’s new url scheme.


@hause Thanks for your Alfred workflow. I use it with gratitude.


Thanks for your workflow, but despite finishing up the workflow according to your documentation. It seems I cannot get it to work properly in version 0.9.7. No matter what I type I end up in my last edited vault. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Ah, it’s not really built for multiple vaults—it just activates Obsidian, which means your most recent vault will be the one it grabs.

There should be ways of customizing that, though, especially with the new obsidian://open? and obsidian://search? URL schemes.

How many vaults do you have? If it’s only a couple, your best bet is probably to differentiate the Alfred command to use different obsidian://open?vault=VAULTNAME actions depending on which vault you’re targeting. E.g., if you type work some note, treat work as the keyword trigger for your work vault and some note as the query.

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right now I juggle with 5 vaults. Thanks for the hint. I will try it this way.

I went with your workflow, @hause, because it looks more up to date. It works great, thank you! :slight_smile:

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If you have thoughts/suggestions for improvement, @juan, create an issue in the github repo. The workflow has been updated/upgraded several times thanks to contributions from several users!

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This workflow is simple but cool! Thanks very much!

thanks so much, tried a few other workflows but couldn’t get them working (lack of experience on my part) this one was so simple and works a treat, cheers.

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Just tacking on a note here, for anyone using these URL Schemes: @Vinadon has made an excellent plugin Vinzent03/obsidian-advanced-uri which extends the URI syntax to include things like open today’s note natively without having to construct date strings.



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