Obsidian:// URL Scheme Documentation?

Except for the blurb in the 8.15 release notes, I don’t see any final documentation on the Obsidian URL Scheme. There are several suggestion posts but nothing on what was actually implemented. Has anyone experimented further with this on Mac? I’m getting very inconsistent results.

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It was updated in version 0.9.0 (see release notes). Yea, agree, it should be documented in the Obsidian help vault. Not sure why it isn’t there…

And if you use Alfred, try this workflow I created.

It is in the help vault

You can find some documentation here: https://publish.obsidian.md/help/Advanced+use/Using+obsidian+URI

Thanks. Of course it was already there. I looked but just seemed to miss it.

When I attempt to run the Alfred workflow, it defaults to Alfred Search engines. For example, typing "os " brings up the obsidian search prompt, but if I then type “daily” or any further letter, my options immediately become “Search Google for os d” or “Search Amazon for os d”. I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but I’m not sure what.

Sounds like Alfred doesn’t know where to look for your markdown files. Did you follow the instructions here to set up to workflow first?

For the search with file filter feature to work, you’ll have to edit the Scope of each File Filter (os, or, and ot) to tell Alfred where to search for files on your computer.

@hause, Yes! You are correct. I had misread the instructions and had not directed Alfred to the appropriate subdirectory. Thank you for the assistance and understanding. It is working well now.

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