Option to clean up Relative and Absolute Links by default

I prefer using “Shortest path when possible” with my internal links. But when I consider compatibility with other editors and viewers, I’m feeling the need to switch my settings to “Relative path to file”.

Some people want to see all the information in the preview. Some people don’t.

It would be great to have an additional setting that auto-generated a pretty link in our markdown when these long link formats are set.

For example,

When [[Review Cafe]] is entered in Edit mode, currently this is generated:

[[../Meta/Templates/Business Reviews/Review Cafe]]

but with a new setting it could generate as:

[[../Meta/Templates/Business Reviews/Review Cafe|Review Cafe]]

So that in Preview, this

Here is the …/Meta/Templates/Business Reviews/Review Cafe template.

becomes the clean and legible:

Here is the Review Cafe template.

Of course we can modify it, but this would be a welcome default on long links to keep our Previews clean and easy to read.


This pipe format may be a simpler solution that this


I would also like this for exactly the same reason.


One thing I will add, is that this is already how Markdown style links function.

[type 1 lsa](tech/network_engineering/type%201%20lsa.md)

will be rendered as

type 1 lsa

in the preview.

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An issue that I’ve noticed with either using standard markdown links or Obsidian’s “Wikilink Pipe” to change the appearance of the text in preview mode is that when the file that the link points to gets renamed the “pretty” text does not get renamed as well.

I can see situations where it would be preferable for it to be renamed too, as well as others where it would not.

I was originally using relative markdown style links out of concern for compatibility with other software, but once I noticed the pretty text not being renamed I gave up on that. I now use wikilinks & “shortest possible”. It’s the only way that I’m guaranteed that the pretty text will always be the same as the file name.

I reasoned that with a proper markdown export as well as a mobile app on the way, if I ever needed to work on something with a 3rd party app that I could just export it as proper markdown.

Although I’d definitely much prefer an option that would allow me to use 3rd party software without having first to export it to proper markdown.