New Link Format: Absolute / Relative, with page name

Use case or problem

When creating new links, I use the Absolute path in vault setting under Settings > Files & Links > New Link Format because I like to see exactly where a file lives in the vault.

I also find myself manually adding the page title after that so it looks nice when I preview it, so for example:

[[People/Smith/John Smith|John Smith]]

I’d like to see a way to have the page title automatically appended to the link so I don’t have to do it manually.

Proposed solution

Add another toggle to the Files & Links page, Add page title to auto-generated internal links or something, which when enabled, would mean auto-generated internal links would go from [[People/Smith/John Smith]] when inserted, to [[People/Smith/John Smith|John Smith]] when inserted

Current workaround (optional)

Currently doing it manually. It’s not too difficult, but it gets tedious when I’m working with a lot of links.

Related feature requests (optional)


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How is this different from the related FR you linked? it seems the same to me.