Toggle to show/hide full relative paths in preview

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set the New link format to Relative path to file
  2. Create a new internal link to any note that’s in a sub or parent folder

Expected result

The path of the link is shown in editor and only note name in preview.

Actual result

The preview mode also shows the path.

Additional information

Posting screenshots of both edit and preview mode with the default link style vs relative.



Not sure if it’s a bug. The relative format looks pretty odd, but I would say some people would prefer to see the full path with absolute paths at least. Clipping it off at file level loses information.

[[link name]] is basically a shorthand for [link name](link name), kind of like auto-links:, links whose display text is the same as their destination. If you write , I’m not sure how many people would just want to see “images” as the link text.

I agree that ../Parenting MOC looks bad, but I’m not sure that we should omit the path for full paths either (or even only the relative ones). Consider paths like ../otherFolder/otherItem, in this case if only otherItem is shown, some info gets lost in preview, probably unintended. You can always change display text with the Markdown syntax ([Parenting](../Parenting MOC) or the pipe syntax, if you want to have control over how the preview looks.

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I can see how some people might want to have the path shown which your example demonstrates quite well and which I hadn’t thought of before.

You see I was using 1Writer on mobile to access my Obsidian vault and this new setting gave me hope to increase the compatibility between hem since 1Writer doesn’t recognise the shortest path links which Obsidian generated. I thought using the new Relative path would be a substitute for the previous links but turns out it’s a totally different thing since the presentation changes entirely. So I cannot use links in the middle of sentences(without extra effort using the pipe syntax) or as tags (which at least a few people here have described as useful).

Having given it a little bit of thought since I posted this, I think I’ve two main suggestions. Please move it to feature request if you think that’s appropriate with the following:

  1. A toggle to show/hide full paths in preview which only applies to internal links. And/or,
  2. Have the links suggestion dropdown allow a way to override this setting per link, for example, by pressing option/alt when picking a link. This could even just generate the standard markdown link as you suggested above saving both time and from typing errors.