Best option to choose for "New Link Format"?

I’m a bit confused on which option to choose for “New Link Format” and want to get it right as I understand that previous links can’t be automatically changed when changing this option.

My Obsidian vault is on iCloud Drive and I do minimal editing in my iPad on 1Writer (until Obsidian mobile come out) and primarily use my MacBook Pro for Obsidian use.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Do you tend to keep a fairly flat hierarchy of notes?

Do you keep your notes sorted in well-structured folders? Where the folders have meaning to the note?

1Writer on iOS doesn’t support links that are in subfolders. So if you have subfolders (and link notes from there), it’s best to switch to Relative. Otherwise, the default should be okay.


I keep a very flat hierarchy. Only the daily notes and attachments are in seperate folders. I should have included this in my original post.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks @Rishi

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If the folders (or lack of folders) don’t have any meaning, I’d choose to keep a cleaner view with just “Shortest Path”. I actually use Tiago Forte’s PARA where folders do matter, but I still just use Shortest Path. When moving notes around between folders, the links keep working, or update properly, so that isn’t an issue.

Otherwise, Rishi makes an excellent point about fitting with the requirements of your other apps.

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Thanks @rigmarole

Such a great community!