Option: Open Last Used Vault or Open Vault Selector

Rather than Obsidian always opening the last vault that you had open when it was closed I think it would be helpful if there was a toggle in the settings to either behave as it does now, or always present you with the screen that is shown when you click on “open another vault” so that you can choose where you want to start.

Currently if one has multiple vaults that they’re frequently shifting between, it creates an extra step to have to manually open the vault that you want & then close the one that opened automatically.


Agree with the idea.
For workaround, I use URI for a shortcut

And pin it in my taskbar

More detail about URI is here


I was looking if somebody requested this before starting a new feature request.

My request is to just make Obsidian remember the vaults you had open previously instead of just opening one vault.

In IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code I can have multiple windows open with different projects and close and open the programs and all the windows with all the open tabs will show up again.

I was looking the same feature, just open a dialog and select the vault.

The link that offers @jokysatria to help us has changed and is Using obsidian URI

This feature got implemented in Obsidian 0.10.1

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