Obsidian Release v0.10.1

Shiny new things

  • Pasting HTML content will now be automatically converted to Markdown. Same for drag and drop. For example, links you drag from web pages will now generate [Display text](https://url) instead of previously just the URL.


  • Creating new notes from the file explorer or using the hotkey now always open in edit mode.
  • When setting up sync on a vault that’s older than the synced remote vault, the older files will be ignored and overwritten to avoid a mass rollback.
  • Navigation history has been slightly tweaked to be more intuitive, and also remembers scroll sync properly.
  • On macOS, closing the last vault and re-activating Obsidian will now re-open the last vault instead of opening the vault switcher.

No longer broken

  • On macOS, quitting and restarting the app will properly restore the opened vaults.
  • Translucency should now work again on app start on macOS.
  • Drag and drop a file to open in a pane will now properly push the navigation history so going backwards feels more natural.
  • Spellchecker will now split words that are adjacent to CJK characters.
  • The “explain search term” button now works properly again.