Option to pick vault on app launch

Use case or problem

Opening Obsidian opens that last vault when really I want a different vault. This wastes time as sometimes vaults take a bit of time opening up and then require me to go to the vault picker myself.

Proposed solution

Allow a setting that gives the user the choice between:

  • Open the last vault
  • Open the Vault switcher

Current workaround (optional)

  • Wait until Obsidian opens the last vault (sometimes it’s more than one) and many plugins can cause some vaults to open very slowly
  • Open the vault switcher manually
  • Open the new vault
  • Close to other vault that was opened

Related feature requests (optional)

I noticed that the feature I was looking for (and opening a request for) has been requested multiple times already (e.g. this post and [this post]( Option: Open Last Used Vault or Open Vault Selector - Feature archive - Obsidian Forum)). And they all point to an existing topic: Pick vault on app lauch.

However, that topic seems to have been deleted. If the feature request already exist, I would appreciate a link to it. If not, then I would like to officially request it.

You can create a launcher for each vault using obsidian url.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Option: Open Last Used Vault or Open Vault Selector

That seems like a workaround rather than an application level solution.

Also, if I pin all my vaults in the taskbar, that’s going to be a lot of obsidian icons!