Nested tags

Nested tags like in Bear. You can use #primary tag/nested one#.
In the tags explorer it becomes like this:

CleanShot 2020-05-21 at 10.58.10@2x

It’s incredibly useful for a lot of things, the main reason many people use Bear.


I also endorse the suggestion.

Other apps have also adhered to this include DEVONthink, Noteplan & The Archive.

Also FS Notes.

My main issue is that I want to import my files from Bear and FSNotes and need some way to handle the fact that they use nested and multi-word tags… So for instance with the Bear tag: #travel/hong kong# Obsidian only recognizes #travel.


Also in notable.

Please add this important feature. We want nested tags !

Thanks a lot.


One workaround for now is to use - instead of / for semantically nesting tags. You can search and replace your Bear exports. And if nesting via / becomes a feature of Obsidian, you can search and replace #…- into #…/.


  • Bear: #project/checklist
  • Export and search and replace: #project-checklist

This is a great workaround :+1:

Tag tree mode


Yes, Please add nested tags. Seems like a basic but very essential feature as in bear.

@maartin - Thanks for the great workaround :+1:


Also being able to edit tags and have them update across notes, as in Bear, would be fantastic.


+1, would love this.

Don’t know is this is feasible, but would certainly be very very nice.

+1 vote for this feature. Check for usage.

I asked the same thing on Discord about nested tags and how to use them. Many advantages. Just adding my original text here after @sam.baron pointed my to the feature request …

Question: would it be possible to change the tag system so you can have nested tags? Something like #work.projectA.sprint7 would show up in the tag screen as a tag work which folds open to a projectA which in turn folds open (like the file explorer) to a sprint7 tag which folds open to show all files having that tag.

And in my view I would even prefer to have this as the alternative for the fil e explorer. Advantage would be that a note can be shown under different tag-trees (if that is a correct word). A bit like very early Evernote (version 2.2) did it (if anybody is around to remember those days).

This has come up now I have altered my vault from a vault with many directories to a vault with no directories (or 3 to be precise (attachments, weekly notes (instead of daily) and projects. The main reason I did not like working with directories as it is very unknown where you are in the tree.

I think this would work greatly with added flexibility and the ability to shown notes in multiple places in a tree. And because of the drilldown on tags it is easiers to remember. Offcourse auto-completion would be needed. Like to hear what you think about this …

+1 pls

For a related feature, also see Tag folders (in tag pane). It requests adding folders in the tag pane to allow organizing at the tag pane level (vs from inside each note). I think both could be implemented and could be complimentary.

If Tag Folders happened to be implemented first then they could be used to organize the dashed workaround suggested by @maartin. For example, #project-checklist could be placed in a “Project” tag folder.


+1 from me. This would be an excellent feature.

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I just moved to Obsidian from Bear. I found that my notes became write-only with Bear and I needed more flexibility of plain text files to solve this, which Bear doesn’t have. I have quite a lot of nested tags in Bear, and it was surprising that Obsidian didn’t have them. Would be really cool if Obsidian adopter this approach soon as well.


I’d like to suggest a similar but slightly different solution. Allow use of “::” and other symbols in tags to create nested tags. Then you can make primary::nested a tag where both primary::nested and primary show up if you search primary (preferably with future integration of wildcard search, i.e. primary::*::nested2). Currently I do something like this with “-” but allowing “::” and other symbols in tags would make this compatible with other systems. The GUI shown above would be a bonus as well.

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I think could be a great idea to have support for sub-tags or nested tags like in Bear or Evernote. It would be useful for many reason, one is to keep the tag list more navigable and useful. Another reason would be to implement some sort of hierarchy for the type of content instead of folders, for example for dividing work projects from personal projects and search for them individually or all together.
Finally can be use for mapping stages of development, for example we can have the parent tag for notes and the child for the stage of development those notes are in, for example seeds, sprouts, evergreens, without having 4 separated tags completely unrelated. Right now can be done but it seems like a workaround, I would like to see a better implementation like others apps have done.


Yes, please! Would be tremendously helpful! I could sync my tagging system across all the productivity tools currently using now!