Use linkable notes rather than folders

In the file explorer, this is something I really miss from TiddlyWiki.

Very useful, but not limited to, referring to people. Say, in one note I say to "Enjoyed hanging out with the [[Skywalkers]] today. [[Luke]] was great fun, [[Anakin]] was just grumpy." I would love being able to nest these references under People > Skywalkers > Anakin | Luke. (with “Anakin”, as well as “Luke”, being a separate note.

The current way to go about it is to make “Skywalkers” a folder and with that not being able to reference it. I would love to be able to reference the nesting elements as well. That is especially handy when referring to families in journaling but allow for a variety of use cases, like being able to switch from referencing book titles or specific chapters.

Using folders as a system to categorise notes discourages creativity and hampers making connections. It seems to me like a more associative nature of structuring content rather than folders is more in the spirit of Obsidian.

This is slightly similar to the Nested Tags request but allows for an even greater variety of use cases. Implementation would not change existing workflows if users don’t choose to link to the notes they use as folders.


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