Hierarchical view for tags

In Bear, one of the most useful features is the way that the notes can be under various topics as they are arranged hierarchically by their tags.

At the moment in obsidian, there is some functionality for ‘subtags’ as described in the help vault, however, it would be very useful to see these arranged in a hierarchy like Bear.

I would imagine this to be in addition to the current system where files are in directories and the tag hierarchy could be a separate pane.

Use case:

  • Let’s say I have notes on Neurobiology and have a file about the physical structure of the brain stem
  • I want to review my notes about the physical anatomy of the body
  • Now, my directory which contains this file would be called neuroscience and this would contain all other information including functions of cortical areas, neurotransmitters etc
  • On the other hand, the tag I add to the would be Anatomy_Head_Brain_BrainStem
  • The parent tag ‘Anatomy’ would contain all of the subtags about physical structure

This is discussed here: Nested tags