Allow double hashtags for tags

I would like for Obsidian to allow us to use multiple (or at least double) hashtags for tags, like ##sometag

I’ve noticed that as of v0.9.17 if one puts double hashtags into the front matter they will work, though if you were to use tags normally they wouldn’t. This seems like a good opportunity to do something about it.

I find these tags useful to indicate more higher-level tags, special or particularly important tags. In addition it would also improve compatibility with Zettlr which does allow tags like that.

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I think if it still worked it would at least be a decent workaround for Nested tags. If actually implemented into nested tags, it could add the ability to have meaningful nested sub tags without having to have a sub tag for each level. For example, if you wanted to show a level one top level tag, you might use a single hashtag and the level four sub tag of that first tag might be defined immediately after the level one but with four hashtags, kind of similar to headings.

There are some probably more common syntax in the link but I kind of like yours, but obviously in my hypothetical, I just reversed yours, although your technique may be better for all I know.

For flexibility, maybe there would be another symbol for defining super tags which would be no different other than allowing you to automatically switch that super tag to the top level tag and adjust all the rest of the sub tags to their proper relative level. This super tag would thereafter be the single hashtag, as the super tag was just a way of invoking the automatic redefined levels. Thanks.

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