Nested tags

I too used Bear for years and this was arguably the top feature for me-- I find it an incredibly intuitive way to organize my files.

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+1 this!

I agree. +1 for nested tags

+1 for this

+1 for this incredible suggestion.

+1 from me too, I’d love to organize my tags better!

+1 from me, nested/hierarchical tags would make them so much more useful

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+1. I (temporarily?) switched back to Bear for nested tags because it helps me quite a lot to get more structure into my notes.

This will happen.


Any idea how to search the child or subchild tag? tag:#subchild doesn’t return a result. tag:#parent works.



Could there be an option to show the relationship between nested tags as connections in Graph View? So that when Tags are shown in Graph View the #parent/child_a and #parent/child_b graph nodes are connected to the #parent node.

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Hi @ryank can you open a new #feature-requests using the template for this? Otherwise, it will get lost in the archive.

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