Make graph view react to Obsidian activity - Open Files are Highlighted

Per user Sol on Discord: Create a “Reactive Viewport” for Obsidian, such that the graph view refocuses/highlights the view on open files so you know where you are in the graph view 100% of the time.


+1 This would add enormous value to Obsidian for me.



I am just starting to use obsidian for testing and created about 30 notes to start with. I fixed a quarter of my screen to the graph view and pinned it.

I expected the graph view to be updated when I follow a link from my current note but nothing happens. I tried linking the graph view to that window but on change the graph is changed to an edit windows instead of a graph window.

What I would like to see is that for the current file you are working on that graph view is updated with the hoover for that current file active (so you very quickly see the connections that file has). I can imagine that when a graph is very large you even want some kind of zoom so only the linked files of your current files are visible. So the graph is readable without zooming.

Would this be a new feature or am I missing something in the graph setup. As it is now I do not see the advantage of the graph view, because when the number of notes/files is very large, it is a huge search to find even the current file in the graph.



This is pretty straightforward I guess, but I would find it really helpful if there was a setting or plugin that made the files I have “open” in Obsidian highlighted with like a little glowy aura or a special color code or something when I’m looking at the graph view. I feel like it would help me trace interlinks better visually.


Also be interesting if the glowy aura ‘stacked.’ Such that the overlapping nodes between the files opened in different panes would be highlighted the strongest. This would make graph view so powerful for me, would allow you to visually search for intersections between different ideas.


Agreed! I barely look at the full graph these days, it’s mainly local graph. I think this would add some serious value.


Is this the feature you are looking for?2021-01-27 02-01-33

If so, it is built into obsidian natively.

I hope this helps!


I did not know we have also a “local graph” view. This is great, thank you.

Use case or problem

Currently, when we navigate our vault, we can only see the current local graph. I don’t think there is a way to know where we currently are in the grand scheme of things other than zooming in the graph view and finding the title of the note(s).

If we had a way to know where we currently are, I think it will make it easier to see how a node connect in the bigger picture and create new connections.

Proposed solution

  • When a note is being focused on/ active, make the corresponding node on the graph glows
  • Make the connecting lines and nodes also glows, albeit a bit dimmer and maybe with different color


  • if we hover over a link, make node of the link also glow (with other color). Not sure how it would work with the infinite preview though.
  • Maybe use different brightness/ color for links contained within the note, and backlinks pointing to that node

I create a similar entry, but better I support this one. It is a good Idea, and I should say mandatory because this way we can explore potential connections, not just verbally (via quick switcher) but visually. Otherwise the main graph view will be something useless as it grows in size and is imposible to locate the file we are working in.

The filter options in the graph view doesn’t help because they hide all the files not related to a search so we cannot explore all the potential connections, also the local graph view is not useful, as the main thing with exploring is not to see just the existing relationships.

  • I think an easy way to help in the exploring connection stage is highlight in the whole graph view the file i’m working in, as actually happens when I pass over the cursor on any file in the graph view. This way we can see in real time any connection we create during our workflow.

  • Other interesting alternative is that the filter search have the option to not hide the exiting files, but just highlight the matching files in the graph view.


I think is not. Because this only shows existing relationships. And the interesting think in seeing the whole graph view is finding potential ones.


+1. This is the way I expected it to work (along with a filter for limiting the locality of links to a specific number of levels, but that might be another feature request)

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+1. This would a very helpful feature. The orientation in the whole of the notes is an important factor when using Obsidian as a Zettelkasten. And since Obsidian works without »Zettelfolgen« (note sequences, in addition to links, as it is implemented in ZKN3) the orientation is all the more important. I recommend three features:

  • bright glowy highlighting for the active note
  • moderate glowy highlighting for all open notes
  • command for centering/focusing the active note

The local graph (wether by left-clicking on a node and choosing Open local graph or by directly in the note) is already very helpful. But as mentioned above the whole context with possible links is lost.

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The graph is such a powerful tool and view. I feel that we could get a tone of more productivity out of it with some tweaks. Don’t get me wrong, I already think that it’s a great tool… It just could do even more.
I would love to be able to navigate the notes by clicking on the graph nodes without having to open a new panel.
We could have a special note “pin” or “linked” to the graph and when clicked on one of the nodes the note update to the selected node in the graph.

+1. Knowing where I am in the graph would make tracing connections between notes easier, especially as I’m a heavy user of daily notes and link in and out of them all the time.

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Man, I hope this come’s soon. It sounds like low effort high return to me