Show relative position of current active note within the global graph

Use case or problem

Currently, when we navigate our vault, we can only see the current local graph. I don’t think there is a way to know where we currently are in the grand scheme of things other than zooming in the graph view and finding the title of the note(s).

If we had a way to know where we currently are, I think it will make it easier to see how a node connect in the bigger picture and create new connections.

Proposed solution

  • When a note is being focused on/ active, make the corresponding node on the graph glows
  • Make the connecting lines and nodes also glows, albeit a bit dimmer and maybe with different color


  • if we hover over a link, make node of the link also glow (with other color). Not sure how it would work with the infinite preview though.
  • Maybe use different brightness/ color for links contained within the note, and backlinks pointing to that node

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