Show current file connections in graph view that updates on change


I am just starting to use obsidian for testing and created about 30 notes to start with. I fixed a quarter of my screen to the graph view and pinned it.

I expected the graph view to be updated when I follow a link from my current note but nothing happens. I tried linking the graph view to that window but on change the graph is changed to an edit windows instead of a graph window.

What I would like to see is that for the current file you are working on that graph view is updated with the hoover for that current file active (so you very quickly see the connections that file has). I can imagine that when a graph is very large you even want some kind of zoom so only the linked files of your current files are visible. So the graph is readable without zooming.

Would this be a new feature or am I missing something in the graph setup. As it is now I do not see the advantage of the graph view, because when the number of notes/files is very large, it is a huge search to find even the current file in the graph.


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