List of known issues and planned improvements

Current known list of bugs and planned improvements. We’ll be working on these soon! (Updated as of v0.0.17)

For bugs related to plugins on mobile, please report them to the plugin author’s GitHub issues page directly.

  • Graph view is not mobile optimized; can’t zoom; difficult to tap on nodes to navigate.
  • Version number isn’t displayed in the app.
  • Apple Pencil triggers swipe gestures when it shouldn’t.
  • Enabled plugins don’t add their panes until a full reload/restart.
  • Selected side panes aren’t saved, instead it’s restored to file explorer/backlink.
  • Outline pane doesn’t navigate in edit mode.
  • Toolbar configuration very difficult to use.
  • System trash doesn’t work on iOS.
  • Search auto-suggest looks ugly.
  • Editor deficiencies:
    • Folding doesn’t work.
    • Auto-pair some symbols aren’t working.
    • List wrapping isn’t indented.
    • Search & replace doesn’t work.
    • Drag & drop doesn’t work.
    • Unable to click on links.
  • iOS:
    • Audio Recorder doesn’t work on iOS (iOS 14.5 supposedly has an OS bugfix that fixes this).
    • Audio/video not playing on iOS.
    • Rotating the app makes text much larger.
    • Checklists are misaligned.

Major feature requests:

  • Optimize app for tablet mode.
  • Share Extension (Share text/links/images to Obsidian from another app).
  • iOS Shortcuts app direct support.
  • Add backward/forward navigation gestures.
  • Image “lightbox” (Tap on image to make it full screen, allowing zooming)