Auto Pair Markdown Syntax on Obsidian Mobile for iOS

Obsidian Editor does not automatically pair Markdown syntax for italics and bold text on Obsidian Mobile v1.0.2 when “Auto pair Markdown syntax” Editor setting is enabled.

Steps taken:

  1. Type * in the editor with “Auto pair Markdown syntax” enabled.

Desired result:

  1. *|* appears with cursor between auto-paired asterisks.


  1. *| appears with cursor after single asterisk.

Also, but unrelated, it would be great if the ⌘+I shortcut respected the “Auto pair” setting; i.e. pressing it once with the setting disabled would produce a single * (so the same shortcut adds another single * to end the emphasis) and pressing it once with the setting enabled would produce *|* with the cursor between the asterisks.

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