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Being able to share content from safari, or a link from a podcast app, or text from anywhere else into a note in Obsidian.

Ideally would allow creation of a new note, appending/prepending to an existing note.

Bonus points for making it super easy to append to the daily note for the current day.

P.S. I love you.


I would like to second this feature request. Being able to dump content into obsidian from iOS apps would be so incredibly useful.


Agree, and I’d add that perhaps it’d be good to consider side effects around the integration with Shortcuts. The moment you allow sharing to work from other apps, we also open possibilities for new Shortcuts :smiley:


This a critically important feature on iOS. +1 for this.


Evidently it’s possible as I’ve heard @viticci talk about doing it in a recent podcast. Need to get him to open that plugin to everyone.


Please provide a method to share links, clips, etc into the mobile app.

Also an option to select a default INBOX page.


A share extension on iOS that prompts for vault/folder/note destination would be helpful


Prepend or append existing files … especially today’s daily note


It would be great to be able to share bits of text (especially web URLs) into Obsidian. Simply appending to Today’s Daily Note would be a good starting place; eventually, especially for more complex content, creating a new note in an arbitrary folder would be ideal.


Adding my use case here as I know this is in the planned features list.

I want to share m4a files from the Voice Memos app directly into a new Obsidian note and have the file land properly in my attachments folder.

It would be cool if this could be done into a vault I don’t currently have open in Obsidian. It would also be cool if in the case of a file name conflict, Obsidian added a (2) or something at the end of the filename.

+1. i’m transitioning from apple notes and routinely use the share sheet from browser and twitter

Adding my vote to this feature please!

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This would be nice on Android also.

Not sure why most mobile OSes don’t have a way to copy/paste photos…

Adding another vote, this would be incredibly helpful. I also second the voice memos, I use them constantly and they were a big part of my Notes workflow for capturing ideas.

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