[Feature] iOS share sheet extension

+1, would love to see this feature!

+1 for this

+1 for this, would be very helpful

+1 for this!

Just adding my +1 for this essential feature


+1 from me as well

Wow I am surprised this wasn’t done already. Pretty frustrating as sharesheet is one of the best ways to shuttle data around ios.

Any updates on this feature?

And what workarounds do people have? I want to import notes and highlights from Bluefire Reader.

I’ve made a Shortcut that seems to do the job. Please troubleshoot: Save to Obsidian

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I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a way to “share” text or other supported content (text, pdf, urls; but particularly text) in iOS: is this a feature in the works? I know there are other features in the works that are more important (like WYSIWYG rendering) but this would be a very helpful feature that seems like it only has crude workarounds (like Shortcuts) at this point.

Can anyone comment as to whether this is on the radar? I don’t normally like to reference other apps like Bear or Roam since Obsidian is paving the way for a different model of data and tool ownership but Bear seems to have a fairly intuitive way of addressing it that may be useful as a reference/starting point as well as Pocket (in terms of being able to tag content before it is shared).

Thank you for all the hard work (in case any devs are reading) and please do not mistake this for ingratitude. Obsidian has done amazing things and I have provided full moral and financial support to help see it through, and I would not hesitate for a moment to do so further. What I mean to say is that I am invested in Obsidian’s success and superiority and I only mean to add a tally mark to this certain feature request if there is an ongoing count running :wink:

Indeed! See:

List of known issues and planned improvements

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You can already share the markdown file.

How, exactly?

I’ve made a Shortcut that seems to do the job. Please troubleshoot: Save to Obsidian

Adding my +1 here as well. The only thing stopping me from completely migrating over from Agenda. I see that this and Shortcuts integration on are the roadmap! Can’t wait to see it implemented!

+1 I could probably ditch Things for Obsidian if I had a share sheet.

Does not work for images from, for example, Photos. The resulting markdown file contains gibberish. Thanks for sharing it though!

Or, as I just discovered, Web pages. I’ll see what I can do!

Fixed the Photos issue. Try it out: Save to Obsidian 1.1