Internal note link to heading / block reference jumps back to top of page

Steps to reproduce

This is a bit complex to set up the repro for, so I created a simple vault (safe mode, no plugins!!) with a couple of notes and a “howto repro” note that has step-by-step with screenshots.


  1. Download test vault here:
  2. Open it
  3. Set up a 2 pane layout, edit on left, preview on right.
  4. Navigate to the “Install PowerShell modules globally” note
  5. Click on the internal link to the right of the BUGGY LINK highlight:
  6. Did you hit the bug? :bug:

    95% of the time it leaves you at the TOP of the note instead of taking you to the blocklink. The screen will also flicker/jump for a split second.

  7. If you didn’t hit the bug the first time, In that TLDR section at the top, click the MFAfunctions wikilink and then click the installed as a global function to return to step 5 and try again

Expected result

Note / preview pane opens scrolled down to correct Heading.

Actual result

Note jumps back immediately to the top.


  • Operating system: macOS 11.3.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.3

Additional information

This is 100% reproducible for me. I think it is closely related to Location of the preview panel jumps back to the beginning of the page but may not be identical, because that bug is about folded headings specifically.


Still reproducible in 0.12.3

there is no need. If it’s in bug reports, it considered still open.

Possibly related: Page jumps when navigating back/forward

Probably related: Triggering preview mode in long docs causes preview to scroll to top of document in certain cases

Just a ping to update this thread, as of 0.12.12 this bug is still present and readily reproducible. It really discourages the use of heading links for me since they often fail. Any news?

I can confirm this bug also on Windows 10, latest Obsidian version installed. It is not happening all the time, i.e. with all links to headers, but when it happens in a document, it is very stubborn - whatever I do, after following the link to a header inside a document, it jumps to the beginning of this document.

@WhiteNoise sorry to nag but this is one bites me every day. Is this bug confirmed yet? Any idea when a fix will be coming?

edit: can still easily repro on 0.12.19

The bug is confirmed. No etas. Sorry.

I think this is the same bug: Backlink fails to jump to appropriate place with

Will be fixed in the next insider release.

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Confirming that it seems fixed in 0.13.0
Thank you