Editing with Split View causes unwanted scroll

Steps to reproduce

Recordings: Video 1, Slower version, Same effect navigating links

  1. Have an extensive note with pictures and bullet lists
  2. Bring a Split View with Edit Mode on the Left and Preview of the extensive note on the Right
  3. Scroll to any position in the middle of the long note
  4. Create and navigate to a link in the Edit Mode note / turn the note in Edit Mode into Preview / edit the file name of the note in Edit Mode

Expected result

The scroll position of the extensive note (preview in the right) should remain in the same position, regardless of your navigation/toggling modes/file renaming in the other pane (left).

Actual result

The position of the extensive note (in Preview Mode on the Right) jumps and disturbs the focus. You have to scroll back to the position you were reading from.


I disabled all CSS snippets and reset to the Default Theme.

  • Operating system: macOS 11.4
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.4

Additional information

Workaround: Export the extensive note as PDF and open it in a PDF viewer while editing in Obsidian.

Possibly related issues:

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Where is the unwanted scroll in the video? I can’t understand what is going on.

I recorded a slower version showing the result of switching between Edit/Preview in the left pane. Note that the position of the scroll in the right pane (in Preview) jumps.

I did it with the CMD+E shortcut, and later in the video using the button.

Here’s another recording showing the same effect when navigating between links in the left side.

I have the same problem and sometimes it jumps randomly not just when I toggle between edit and view mode, but when I switch the focus between notes and panes and even when I use quick switch. It’s really really annoying. I could not replicate it in help vault so I suppose it is because of some plugin. Please if you found the solution share it with us

I have the similar issue but in interaction with the minimal theme

I am using minimal theme too.

Here we deal only with vanilla obsidian. Not sure if the problems are related.

Note that I wasn’t using any theme, snippet or plugin in the videos, but I usually do. I disabled for the videos, and the glitch persisted.

To make sure, I now tested having disabled everything and reopening Obsidian; the glitch still persists.

Question: Were you able to reproduce it?

I was not able to reproduce exactly what you are describing but I was able to reproduce something similar (with a small jump). If you wanna attach here a document that causes a big jump, we’ll review it.

Here’s an update: I may have somewhat narrowed it down to notes with pictures. I opened the Help vault and tried to reproduce it, but as you described it’s off little effect (just a tiny jump).

However, the moment I pasted some images in the Preview note, the jumps were bigger.

Edit: I noticed it is more frequent if the “Preview note” has a long bullet list.

If you can reproduce it this way, let me know. If not, I’ll upload my file asap. :wink:

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also help notes are not very long , maybe that be a factor too

Let me know if you still have this issue with version 0.13