Graph view node size scale multiplier

Sometimes when it is very important to me to distinguish between the nodes that only have one connection and the nodes that have like 5-10, these two nodes almost look identical in size.

It may be helpful to have a slider or shortcut to increase and decrease the node size scale multiplier. This may allow you to quickly find what you were looking for, then simply return the multiplier to a more reasonable value. Thanks.


Yeah I agree, the size between the nodes is pretty minimal, and hard to spot.

I’d even like a dimming effect, even when you aren’t hovering over the links. Do distant notes would be slightly dimmer. (But not as dim as they go when you hover over a node.)

Have you seen what @akaalias is doing with the graph? If you’re interested in digging in code, you might be able to adjust this yourself. See this thread: Graph nodes size should also depend on word count in addition to no of links

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Awesome. Thanks! Check out this snowball!


Hello everyone, I do not know if this is the right way of asking for this. Is there a way by plugin or otherwise to have nodes in the graph been of different sizes based on the numbers of connection attached to them?
It could also work with a heat map instead of size, having notes receiving the most connection been bright red or green and fading away to another color for notes with the less connection and been of an entirely different color for orphans notes…
Maybe it could be done with CSS… I really don’t know about coding…

It will be very usefull for many things IMHO.

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Cannot. “There is no API for graph view”, - joethei said in discord.
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Cannot. “There is no API for graph view”, - joethei said in discord.

Hi! How did you make that graph, if I may ask?