Graph View Parenting system

Use case or problem

I’m new to Obsidian, and i find it hard to find a node i’m looking for, i work in a top down approach, in the graph view the node with the most links has the biggest size, Even though it can be way down the line. Examle:
Parent: [[Child]]
InnerChild:[[Ref1] …[[Ref15]]

Proposed solution

It would be nice to have these two implemented:
1)Hierarchical View as in

  • Parent
    • Child
      • InnerChild
        • Ref1-15

if a reference is referenced many times simply duplicate adding it in the Hierarchy each time.
in case of a circular reference for examle Ref1:[[Parent]]
Either one is stronger than the other, or Both of similar strength. aka subtopics of a major topic.
a suggestion when making the reference would be helpful when someone types [[Parent]] in Ref1 a circular linking would be automatically detected and suggestions like
[[Parent->Ref1]] [[Parent<-Ref1]] [[Parent<->Ref1]] could be added.
in case both of similar strength we add a duplicate hierarchy with Ref1 at top.

  • Parent
    • Child
      • InnerChild
        • Ref1

2)add option for node size to be dependent on how many children it has or adding the transitive layer into the equation. since Parent node links in transitive layer to all Ref1-Ref15.
To deal with circularity read above.

Current workaround (optional)

Star top level Markdown files and go down from there to find my notes.

Related feature requests (optional)

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I am with you there. This is exactly how I would like it. I structure my stuff in a a folder hierarchy, but in the graph view it goes against my intuition. The child notes 2 or 3 steps down are often large because they have so many notes linked to them. But I would prefer the “parent” notes to be larger because of how many total linked notes are “under” it.