Enhancement of core Templates plugin: Move to folder

Use case or problem

I heavily use templates for my different kinds of notes. Although I try to use folders as little as possible, as top-down-thinker however, I have for every type of note an own folder.

So why not combine the two workflows

  • adding properties
  • moving file to template-specific folder?

Current workaround (optional)

Right now I use templater to accomplish this (see templater script here)

Unfortunately there are a few disadvantages with this templater-workaround:

  • templater script will not automatically be updated, when global properties are updated
  • if there are a lot of properties in the template, the templater script gets very big and confusing

Proposed solution

Why not adding this little feature “moving to template-specific folder” to the core Templates plugin?

Other proposed feature requests to Templates core plugin:

  1. the title of this FR doesn’t include “Templates core plugin” but the feature requested is related to it:
  1. this FR is potential duplicate of the current feature request—it doesn’t indicate how the folder in template file should be specified like using additional inline syntax for processing instructions in template files
  1. this FR propose processing instructions or additional syntax in templates that control file display name
  1. this FR propose additional inline syntax used to create links that point to properties in files—similarly as in (1) this syntax could be processed in core templates but optionally in live preview as well
  1. this FR propose additional inline syntax for automatically creating zettelkasten notes—the feature proposed is very similar to (1) however this additional syntax could be effective only when clicking internal links [[note {additional syntax}]]—thus I’m including it just by means of general interest