Property Pages

Ability to make the property a [[link]]

As I far as I can see a property name cannot perform link a hyperlink.

Or, at lease this is how it performs in the property sidebar.

I’d like the property “Agencies” to be [[Agencies]] so I could click directly on the property name and open a link for the property.

Ability to make the property a [[link]]

Option to create link as you create a new property - you just hit “[[” or the hottest key you got.

Related feature requests

Could have a core template as part of properties. In this way when you do create a [[Property Title]] you could click in a find a… Property Page.

A property page performs like the Spaces. But in this instance you can choose between customising universal Property Page settings; a unique Property Page; or, a batch of selected Property Pages (ie. all [Type: MOC] will look like THIS but all [Type: note] will like THAT.

Also, notice the template reacting to the id property field? I wish that ! would go away… it does as soon as I run TP… I guess I don’t need the id property to be a numerical field…

Would be brilliant be able to set that id field as a counter! For example, everytime I make a new note using my [class: homework] property the id setting will be triggered to number that [class: homework] note.

This would just introduce an option for a simple af sequential sorting system for a multitude of notes, projects, places, plans, writing ideas, etc etc.

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