Drag and drop note on another note to merge

Use case or problem

I’m using daily notes and at the end of the month I review any left over text in my daily notes and copy them to a single note.

Proposed solution

It would be great if I could just drag and drop the note in the file explorer unto the target note. The optional “confirm merge” dialog would prevent accidental drag and drop.

Current workaround (optional)

The “merge entire file with” is helpful, but the drag and drop solution would be more simple and elegant IMHO

Related feature requests (optional)

Another option would be to allow merging multiple selected files. The UI seems to suggest this works but it doesn’t:

Btw, when you merge a file it doesn’t make sense to show that same file in the list:

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I like the idea overall. Not sure if you are aware of the Obsidian42 Text Transporter plugin. It provides the same function you are looking for with a different interaction. You select the portion of text you want to move to another note right-click > push selection to another file > select target file from the modal. Added value of this plugin over the interaction you describe is that you can choose where exactly in the target note you merge your content.

I think the core “extract current selection …” feature does the exact same thing

Text Transporter gives you many more options like leaving backlinking an alias, copying the content instead of extracting it and, as I mentioned, the possibility to choose where in the file to send the content.