Merge selected note(s) with Note Composer from context menu

Use case or problem

I’ve got a number of notes (particularly from my early Obsidian/networked note user days) that could use some merging. While Note Composer never fails to achieve this with individual notes, I often want to merge a note linked inside the current pane (not just its contents and/or adding reminders to merge later) without opening the note I want to merge into a pane, losing flow/getting distracted, etc.

Also, at least on my older (desktop and mobile) devices, merging tends to take just enough time to cause friction. This request is more about time spent in attention/context-switching, rather than how long my computer/Obsidian takes to do it.

Proposed solution

  1. Personally, I don’t mind how long merging takes, even as an older device Obsidian user, if the notes can be merged through the right-clicked context menu for a single note or for merging a selection of notes in parallel and especially if this occurs in the background.

  2. It would therefore likely be useful to have the option to merge notes open in a new pane or no pane at all (while still receiving notifications, of course). This way I/we can work from a single pane—a desired and praised Obsidian feature.

A lower priority feature of this proposal would be a separate template for merging (or perhaps prompt to choose from a set of templates for extracting and/or merging) in Note Composer so that I can add metadata/reminders (e.g. prefixed#state/reorganize-post-merge, etc.) to reduce friction and confusion later—especially for merged notes already shared on Obsidian Publish.

Current workaround (optional)

Other than making time for batch merging (which isn’t the worst thing attentionally speaking), I have no other tested workarounds. I’d imagine the recent Obsidian 42 Text Transporter plugin (which I’m surely only scratching the surface of currently) push sections/content without opening the pane, but merging seems to be most optimal 1) merge/create univocal concepts, and 2) non-redundant and centralized notes/backlinks as I write.

(There may be some other options I’ve missed, but ATM, I have to make feature requests as they come to mind or else they’re never submitted :grimacing:)

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