Beta: Obsidian42 - Text Transporter Plugin

Hi friends. I am ready to start testing a new plugin I am working on “Obsidian42 - Text Transporter”. Looking for beta testers.

I can be reached at Discord or Twitter as @TfTHacker.

It is the Swiss Army Knife of text hacking with your vault. If you know how to test plugins, and you want to give it a try, please do so and always ready to help.

Quick video:


0.5 Beta now available at:


  • Replace a link with its original text (via context menu or CP All Commands)

  • Replace a link with its original text and alias (via context menu or CP All Commands)


  • There is no longer the “-- bottom of file” since these are already in the suggester (top row in suggester is first row from file, if at top row and press up arrow, suggester wraps to last row in file). This added some friction to quickly navigating the suggester.



0.6.1 Beta now available (major new features)


  • Quick Capture from anywhere to anywhere. Check out the new Quick Capture commmand in the Command pallete (Thanks @Murf)
  • Support for Daily Note Page bookmarks. Instead of the file name in the bookmark, use DNPTODAY, and the DNP from today’s date will be used. (Thanks @Murf)
  • If Ctrl+Clicking or pressing Ctrl+Enter on a file in the suggester suggester, the file will be opened after the transport has been performed.
  • If Shift+Clicking or pressing Shift+Enter on a bookmark in the file suggester, instead for completing the transport operation, the suggester will open the file to the bookmark destination to more specifically select text from the bookmark location.
  • All Commands list available from ribbon button or Comnand Palette now show the shortcut keys for quick access



  • If copying or pushing to the TOP of a file, if the file contains YAML, the transport text will be placed after the YAML (Thank you @murf)
  • Pull from bookmarked location will pull a line from under the item, not the location marker itself
  • All commands list now works even when there is not a file open, only showing commands that work outside of edit mode
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0.7 Beta update to “Obsidian42 - Text Transporter”

Sorry folks for the frequent updates. But getting lots of feedback (fixes, feature requests) so want to keep going while the energy is there. Thanks to everyone helping and please keep the feedback coming. Hoping to push this to the Obsidian bosses in a a week or two.

Download for 0.7


  • Command Palette commands to manage bookmarks without going into settings screen
    • Add bookmark from current file/location
    • Open bookmarked file
    • Remove a bookmark from the bookmarks collection
  • Settings: Context Menu Toggles: Toggles for each Text Transporter command if they should appear or not in the context menu
  • Settings: Bookmarks documentation link: Under the description for bookmarks is a link to additional documentation and examples for bookmarks


  • Removed “”— Today’s Daily Notes Page —" from file suggester, since this can be defined as a bookmark. While one additional step for users, it lets them control if this is seen or not. (Thanks Murf)
  • I did some work to the internal command palette commands to plan to make them configurable in settings. this might break any shortcut keys you made to them. Sorry.


  • When copy/push to an empty file, no longer fails (Thanks Murf, Kevin)

0.8 Beta release of “Obsidian42 - Text Transporter”

Hold on to your saddles… major code refactoring and features. So I expect the need for a quick 8.1 release with bug fixes. But the stuff here is just to darn good to hold back from you crazy, basically impossible to please testers :slight_smile:


  • SUPER ALPHA: Support for tag based file and block search. Just run a command, and select either tag file search or tag block search, and you can then navigate your vault with tags. This is very experimental, not even sure where it will go or what value it offers. but its a starting point. (Thanks @dpthomas87#4728 – lost a few good hours of sleep on this one :-))
  • Quick Capture supports resolving tags and file names. Not perfect implementation, but it works. (Thanks @Murf#2728 ) Credits to @Chhrriissyy#6548 for suggestor code. Awesome stuff. thank you.
  • Bookmarks can now be configured to add “Copy to” and “Paste to” context menu in editor and all commands list as found in the ribbon button (Thanks @Murf)
    • Add a * to the beginning of the line to indicate that a context menu command should be made for this bookmark
    • Example:
      • *directory/
  • “Send link of current note” command added. It will send the current file in edit mode as a link into another file. (Thanks @Kevin Murray#6678)
  • “Select line” commanded enhanced to be “Select current line/expand to block” Select line will select current line, and if pressed again will expand to the current block (line and blocks are not always the same thing)


  • Consolidated commands CC and ABI into one. (Thanks FelipeRearden ). Will expand on this command as per your issue.
  • Some shortcuts where changed, so some hotkeys may not work and need to be reassigned


  • Copy Block ref for blockquotes now works (Thanks @Pedro R-C (él/he/him)#4833 )

Beta link:


HI All. starting to work on short videos to cover features of Obsidian42 - Text Transporter.

Here are the copy block and replace block with text commands.

one more for selection:

This is fantastic! I stopped the first, introductory video in this thread at the quickadd function and promptly installed the plugin. Works like a charm. Half a day in, and I have been able to do some housekeeping and organisation that I have put off for a while.

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Added another small video for quick capture

another video for the core feature:

Great plugin. I put together a simple IOS shortcut to launch the quick capture modal. I map it to the triple tap on the back of my phone. It needs advanced Obsidian URI to work.

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Friends, this plugin is now released. Your feedback is warmly welcome!


Hello! I love your plugin, is just what I’ve looking for :slight_smile: . Just one request, could be possible to implement the option “Push line/selection to another file as a link”? This would be a great addition to the block embed feature, sometimes what I want is just the connection to the block. Thanks a lot!

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good idea! please post an issue on GitHub. Though there may be one already :slight_smile:

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