Ctrl+'mouse scroll wheel' doesn't zoom headings

Is it normal that ctrl+‘mouse scroll wheel’ zooms in/out just regular text in a note, not headings?
I’ve also tried with a new vault, no theme.
Is this a bug or intended? If the latter, why?

You could use:

body {
    --h1-size: 1.802em;
    --h2-size: 1.602em;
    --h3-size: 1.424em;
    --h4-size: 1.266em;
    --h5-size: 1.125em;
    --h6-size: 1em;

or the CSS here: Changing text font size doesn't change the headers font size to fix it up. Seems an oversight in the default theme, and it will be fixed in the next public release.

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I didn’t find the page you linked.

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